Research Findings

Howard League Report findings

A recent report highlighted the failings of childrens homes in not adequately preparing young people for life in the community. It blames the high offending rate amongst care leavers on their experience in the care system, in particular childrens homes.

[read the complete report here]

Whilst the report is presenting information based on hard statistical evidence, at Better Futures Partners, we are poised to work with service providers and frontline staff to change this fact.

Some realities faced by service providers and staff is that many young people are significantly traumatuised and difficult to engage before admission to local authority care. Then faced with high staff turnover and low staff retention, services providers struggle to maintain high standards of service.

Having worked in the industry for over 30 years, Better Futures Partners can provide transformational training programmes which will not only stimulate and inspire staff, but it will train staff to translate training into practice and guarantees improvement with the very challenging clients that they deal with daily.

Better Futures Partners will undertake a practice audit which service providers can use to plan a robust training and development programme for staff which will enhance practice and outcomes for the clients and their families.

Consultation will provide the opportunity for you to create a bespoked training and development programme that meets your needs. Investing in your staff will bring about sustainable long term changes which will improve outcomes for your clients and inspection ratings.

As an employer, it can feel like you're swimming against a raging tide of increasing demands, resources cuts and clients with ever increasing multiple and complex needs.

Better Futures Partners training will enable you to train staff and develope the strategies that will ensure your service does just that - improve outcomes for children, young people and their families. Together with Better Futures Partners, we can to 'ride the tide' and ensure that your service, your staff and your clients thrive.

The future community is shaped by what we all do now. The destiny of your service is deteremined by what you do know. The outcome for children, your people and their families are dependent on what we do now!

So call Better Futures Partners Today and start your journey to delivering Better Service and Better Outcomes....